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Running with Einstein tutoring club connects Glassboro High and Rowan

Aug 1

17th April 2023, 11:37 GMT Ms Karen Nelson | Education Staff Writer


Rowan’s new club, Running with Einstein, is seeking to inspire and bridge the gap between Glassboro High School students and Rowan University.


Despite being across the street from Rowan’s campus, Glassboro High School students may not have access to all of the education and resources that are available to them. According to US News, only 9% of students at Glassboro High School are proficient in science, only 32% are proficient in reading and 20% are proficient in mathematics. Their statistics also show that 48% of students come from economically disadvantaged homes.


As a way to try and help students who may be struggling, co-presidents and childhood friends Harris Khan and Erica Tran came up with a way to make an impact on the community, outside of Rowan. The two Rowan juniors attended Cherry Hill High School East, where they were a part of a “Bridge” club, which tutored middle school students who were getting ready to go to high school. After getting to Rowan, they saw an opportunity to bring what they learned there to Glassboro and Running with Einstein was born.


High school students that receive tutoring from this club also are working with college students who are not much older than they are. Rather than speaking with an authoritative figure, they can talk to a college student, similar to an older sibling.


“For me personally, like, in high school, if I ever like talked to a college kid, I wouldn’t really look at them as a person of authority, which I think is like a long way making them comfortable, which I think sets us apart from a lot of tutoring services,” Tran said.


The tutoring started as a way to help kids academically, but as time went on the club, members began to see relationships form with the students that they were tutoring. Since tutors are so close in age, they can offer a level of familiarity and relatability to the students at Glassboro High School.


“I know what goes on in class because I was just there like a few years ago. So, they like to joke about that kind of stuff.


The club is open to any major at Rowan who is interested in joining. Students must apply and be approved before they begin tutoring, but Running with Einstein welcomes students from all departments and backgrounds to teach the students.